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The Bang Bang Theories

Tuna Don’t Grow On Trees

Back to reality in the morning. To think I could have had two additional weeks off per my doctor and I played the hero with a, “No no, I’m FINE, FINE to go back now.” Stupid. Stupid.

I finally got a fire under my ass to do a few things around here, which included putting away laundry for about 5 hours. I switched the closets around, moving summer where winter used to be and vice-versa, as well as filling two giant Hefty Cinch Sacks with donation items. Kenny dropped them off at Planet Aid, or if he hasn’t yet, he will.

So a little bit has been accomplished. Very little. I slept a lot during this time off. It felt delicious. Especially this morning, we had a really cool breeze blowing in the window across the bed. It was sublime and we dozed an extra hour just to enjoy it.

The cats will be disappointed with my return to work. They’re used to having me open the patio door and letting them come & go all day, sitting outside and catching a breeze as they see fit. Ah well. Mama’s gotta work, to put that tuna on the table.

I’m winding down on the day, hoping to get up and at ’em early. Going to go iron my clothes for tomorrow and then go read before slumbering off to dreamland. I’ve got first-day-of-school jitters, it’s been so long since I’ve stepped foot in the building. Why is that? Weird.
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