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The Bang Bang Theories

Why This Family Belongs With Me.

Tonight we went and visited Kenny’s mom Linda & grandmother Margie at the grandparent’s house. Grandpa Stanley is doing shitty, with extra “itty.” Whatever that means. He’s back in the hospital, moved by ambulance from the rehab facility today as he has developed pneumonia. Just a tich of it in the lower lung, but it must be stopped. Grandpa Stanley is 92, by the way.

So we visited. And I was pleased as punch to realize that despite all the crying Margie has done today, she still has her bawdy sense of humor.

Kenny: “What’s this hundred dollars doing on the counter?”
Margie: “Your mom and I work at night.”
Kenny: “What?? You two come home from the hospital and start whoring around??”
Margie: “Yep. That’s Linda’s from last night. I charge more.”

Did I mention Margie is 91?

She told me later that, “Well, they pay for experience, right? I’ve got a lot of years, of course I’d get more!”

I *heart* her. And it was nice to leave ’em with a good chuckle after the stress of the day.

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