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The Bang Bang Theories

The Pain in My Ass is Real.

How can someone as good lookin’ as myself have such a hotmess of surprises going on under my skin?? That’s the question I keep asking myself ~tongue in cheek~.

I got my MRI results quickly read to me over the phone by Dr. Not-So-Great. Seems I have quite a herniated disc and he said, “looks like surgery will be required to me, call this other Dr. NewGuy.” Well, let me tell you, I don’t really take referrals from Dr. Not-So-Great without question. He sent me to a horrible horrible horrible nerve doctor (whateverthehell they’re called) back when I had arm numbness (that still hasn’t gone away, by the way). All he did was hook me up to some electroids, send pinprick shocks through me, and tell me, “looks like some nerve damage, it will just have to regenerate itself, could take years.” Yep, that was Dr. Not-So-Great’s last referral to me.

So I have a call in to another person, someone the MRI tech referred me to. We’re going to see what she has to say about this situation. At least 2 opinions if the first thing being said is “surgery.” I don’t think that’s being too particular.

There you have it. I’ll be at home sitting on my ass eating ice cream for a while longer. I really should use this time more productively, instead of surfing the Internet and chatting with old boyfriends on Facebook. I thought I had a book to write.
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