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The Bang Bang Theories

One Tough Customer

Here it is, Monday night. Ho-hum. It was an unfortunately unexciting weekend, I’m a little ashamed of myself for letting a pretty summer weekend get away from me the way it did, but that’s what happened. We did very little. And by very little I mean we slept in late, got up, ate breakfast and took a nap. Then we rested. And went out with some friends for a couple of nightcaps before more bed. And not Sexy Bed, just bed.

I’m doing very little to move my life forward, and I have to craft a speech. So you’d think I’d be sitting here working on that, but instead I’m debating on whether or not I should bake muffins for a ten o’clock “brainstorm” session I’m hosting tomorrow, paint my nails or just wash up and go right to bed. It’s a close toss-up. It can go either way. We’ll see which way my feet take me when I get up.

One remotely more interesting tidbit regarding the cute new convertible: water leaked into the passenger side when I took it for a laser high-pressure carwash on Sunday. Kenny tried to assure me that it was only because the jets were swooshing in with great force in unnatural directions and it would really stand the test in normal wet circumstances, but I’m not convinced. If it’s leaking after 2000 miles, how’s it going to fair in three years, when the warranty is up? Hm. I think this is a situation I’m going to have to address. Kenny has assured me that the Volkswagen dealer will rue the day they ever talked me into buying a car. I say let ’em rue. Whatever exactly “rueing” entails.
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