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The Bang Bang Theories

An Angry Drunk

While in Aruba I finally found the Perfect Vacation Drink. Now, before you discount that as nothing too tricky, let me tell you that finding the Perfect Vacation Drink takes a tenacious dedication. There are many drinks out there that are fine, but usually have one or two ingredients that keep it from being the Perfect Vacation Drink.

Let’s consider the facts and what this means to drinks. I’m..ahem….not in my twenties anymore. I have to be more selective. Anything with too much citrus or sweet and sour mix leaves me hunting for antacids. I can’t take the hard whiskeys. I enjoy multiple Gin & Tonics, but they’re not exactly tropical confections.

But I did not give up in my quest and was rewarded at the most unlikely place of all: The Hard Rock on Aruba. It was a hurricane blend of banana, coconut and I wasn’t sure what else so I asked the bartender for the recipe and he kindly obliged. Below, behold the recipe – complete with diagram – for the Perfect Vacation Drink, compliments of Hard Rock Aruba:

I am not sure why you have to “shout the pina mix” in the glass, but shout it in I will do. “GET IN THAT GLASS, YOU FROZEN CONCOCTION, I AM GOING TO DRINK. YOU. UP!!!!” And that is exactly what I did.

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