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The Bang Bang Theories

There’s Always Tomorrow

In preparation for Guest Cat, we of course had to clean the house. Kenny took care of the living room while I was at work on Friday. He filed everything – and I do mean everything – under “W.” “W?” you ask yourself. Why yes, “W” – for “Widda’s Room.” Widda being my little black cat who died last August. She laid claim on the guest bedroom and the room will forever be known to us as Widda’s Room. And the result of filing everything under “W”? Well, would you expect anything other than this:

If I had a modicum of self decency I would shut the door and hide this from Prying Eyes, and not post it on the ‘Net, for all to see and judge. But alas, the first step of any good self-help program is Acknowledgement. So I’m acknowledging that this is a rather unacceptable result.

Don’t confuse acknowledging with action, however. Did I clean this up over the weekend? Oh, no – no, I did not. I did do a lot of other cleaning, but this room will have to wait just a bit.

It’s not a bother to five of us in the household. Er…six, if you count Kenny. Seven, really, if you count Guesty. I’m the only one who seems to find it Unacceptable For The Long Term. If you look closely enough, sorta towards the middle, you’ll see someone who’s not bothered by it at all:

One man’s trash is another cat’s treasure.

But the living room? It’s lookin’ pretty good.

Overall, I mean. Sure, there are some baskets under the coffee table that could use a straightening, but overall, the clutter is gone. Er, relocated. Whatever.

As for Twinkle, he’s enjoying the hell out of the Guest Cat’s travel carrier.

No worries, Dude. Chillax and forget all about it.

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