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It’s What’s For Dinner

Kenny’s been in sunny California since Wednesday and what have I done with my unexpected bachelorette status? Sleep. I’m wild when left to my own devices. Friday night was the craziest so far, I actually picked something up for dinner and indulged myself in a gyro with a tall glass of milk. Whole.

I had forgotten how nice it could be not to come home from work with the biggest thought being “What’s for dinner!!?” We have little groceries in the house, and I was fine with making something out of nothing. One night it was scrambled eggs on an English muffin, last night it was toast and shrimp cocktail. Hey, it’s what was around that required almost zero effort. And I liked it and was happy.

So that’s been the week. I hope Kenny’s living a little wilder on the hog in Cali. Whew, I’m tired. Back to bed for me.

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