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The Bang Bang Theories

Pants On The Ground

Saturday dawned clear-headed and rested. All that sleep has paid off, apparently! To quote Tony The Tiger, I feel “GRRRREEAT!” I had a face-off at the gym again with the Pilates Reformer. Dag, that machine is an asskicker. Two workouts down, it still owns my ass. I just wonder how spectacularly lithe and nimble I would be today had I kept it up when I started my relationship with it two years ago. My goal is to stick it out throughout 2010, with 3 workouts a week on that damn thing. There, I’ve said it. It’ll be my bee-yotch by the end of 2010.

I have hot plans for tonight, I’m off to get purtied up for it. My friend and I are heading out on the town. Oh yeah. Stand back. Things could go crazy. We’re planning on checking out Cougar Town, a.k.a. The Holiday Inn nightclub. I kinda feel like getting my dance on. That is, if I can move my legs (thanks again, Pilates Reformer!).

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