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The Bang Bang Theories

To All The Single Ladies!

OMFG!! I am JUST NOW catching up with the season finale of More To Love and I cannot believe he ditched the bigboobied blond chick!!!

Note to Kenny: Don’t EVER tell me “you’re a beautiful, curvy woman.” I’ll junkpunch you.

Now, some thoughts:

1/ Bachelor Guy: Your season finale pants are just fitting WEIRD. They are like skinny pants or something. I think it must be all that dining and dining this room full of beautiful curvy women.

2/ As we watch this, my boyfriend sits on the couch and chants “Fattie, Fattie, Fattie” in a falsetto. And he’s not exactly dating a string bean, but yet we both still find it kinda funny for some reason. Oh, he does the same thing during Biggest Loser, too, while we are both snacking.

3/ Is it just me, or does Tali have giant Man Hands? Did you see the clip of her in the limo on the ride to hear The Verdict, wringing those huge things?? Jeez.

4/ I’m not sure that “all the big girls out there” are comforted by Tali’s proclamation that she is proof that they, too, can find love.

I’m so surprised by the outcome, I completely missed the shot of the ring. I need to rewind.

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