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The Bang Bang Theories

One Bite at a Time

The Beauty of Sitka, Alaska:

So I’m skipping right past the glaciers and whales and going right to how we ate and drank our way through Alaska. The rest of the boring stuff will come later ~ hahah ~.

In Juneau, we ate coconut shrimp, crab cakes and the best Halibut I’ve ever had – fresh-caught that morning – while drinking our first of many Alaskan Amber Ales. We were at a restaurant called The Hanger on Merchant’s Wharf, where the seaplanes fly in-n-out:

The first of Alaskan Amber. It’s not purchasable (??) here in the lower states. Drat.

The next day, in Skagway, we dined on glorious Alaskan RED King Crab – sweetest meat of all!

Oysters on the half shell with hotsauce and cocktail sauce…

Topped off with Alaskan Amber!

And Kenny was going to drink a pan of gold:

After Skagway, we landed in Icy Strait Point, where it was the coldest day we’d experienced, and it was a little drizzlie. There wasn’t much excitement to be had here.

We looked for bears, but then decided that may not be the wisest decision on our own….

…so we headed to the little restaurant and warmed our cockles with hot buttered rum and hot cocoa by the fireplace.

Kenny’s directive was to “make love to the hot buttered rum” for the photo. Perhaps my technique below is the reason I’m a twice-divorcee?

Kenny innocently sips his cocoa.

The day we cruised past Hubbard Glacier, the Drink of the Day was pretty and blue, so of course I had to have one! It was a pina colada layered with blue curacao. Yum!

And for our last day in Alaska, we landed in Sitka, which is my favorite port of call. This was the morning:

We took a Sea Otter and Wildlife excursion and saw this! Many Humpback Whales – bonus! Sea Otters, too, of course – and Bald Eagles by the dozens, and jellyfish, but alas, no bears in the wild.

Then, of course, we ate. Alaskan King Crab for me, and appetizers of halibut bites. Kenny had had enough seafood and opted for a burger.

Kenny did, however, have to sample The Best Clam Chowder Ever. Who could resist this on the menu?

And then we had beer.

The End.

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