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The Bang Bang Theories

An Unwelcome Bedfellow

It seems that since I opened the door and let Worry in over the summer with all my cat calamities and whatnot, Worry is kinda trying to settle down in my big leather recliner and stay awhile. Nope, not the cats this time. Worry seems to be a shapeshifter, much like the characters in the TrueBlood series I’m trying to find time to read.

At the moment, Worry is festooned around Sophie. Seems she’s having some little problems with a bulge that looks as if she’s herniated something, and a booboo she got somehow that is taking a while to heal up. I was treated to a look and a touch at both of these things, trying to determine the level of Worry needed. I think the bulge is a hernia. The booboo is on the mend with some antibiotic ointment. She finally!! made an appointment for the bulge for this coming Wednesday, here she’s had it for only two weeks. I had to get all high-pitch-voice-ed with her once I found about about it to get her motivated to call the doctor. I don’t know how bad something has to actually be, before she deems it time to call the doctor without prodding.

So you wonder where I’ve been? Well, now you know. Partying it up with Worry.

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