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The Bang Bang Theories

Another Reason to Moisturize

Caesar’s having a bad time of it. He’s back to constant nausea, head-shaking, and not eating. And throwing up some nasty looking brown stuff, which I’m sure is colored from the kitty chemo. Very worried about him. Kenny did manage to get his tuna-flavored liquid meds from the meth lab…er…lab, it’s just a normal lab, out in Coventry. He got a dose of that and didn’t hate it, but he didn’t love it, either. I think it’s more the force-feeding he’s opposed to more than anything. You could be pouring liquid chocolate down my throat, but if you were holding my head and using your fingers to pry my jaws open I’m sure I wouldn’t be as receptive. So there we are. Going to see how the weekend goes, then it’ll be back to Vetland on Monday if it doesn’t turn around a little bit. All this, after we had the good news that his cancer was half the size and his chemo was reduced from weekly to every other week. We thought we were on the road to recovery and now we are worried again. Hello, Furrowed Brow, I haven’t seen ya in a while, Welcome Back.

Then Girl Cat did some weird running through the living room stunt that caused Kenny and I to sit up and take notice, and we noticed that she had big strings of drool coming down her face. Why?? What to do?? We took her to the bathroom, washed her face and just looked at her to see if she was going to do it more. Then she shook her head, just like Caesar does from his nausea. We hope that was an isolated weird incident. So we’re watching her. Watching Caesar.

While all three of us were shut up in the bathroom, Twinkle mournfully cried to get in, so we let him in. Then we saw two grey cat paws poking under the door. Stanley felt left out of the Party in the Bathroom. No one wants in once they’re in, but they all think Fun and Games are going on and want to particate. At first.

And lastly, my black cat Widda seems to be losing weight. Not sure if she’s just being bullied out from her food dish, or if she’s having issues. We isolated her and her food dish during dinner and she seemed to be eating just fine. So that’s the cat situation. Worry. And lots of it.

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