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The Bang Bang Theories

You Say Poh-tay-toe..

Conversation carried at the mall on Sunday:

Tracye: “I’ve been thinking about getting one of these dress things, they’re quite popular at the moment.”

Kenny: “A moo-moo???!!”

Tracye: “NO! They are NOT moo-moo’s! They are MAXI DRESSES and all the girls are wearing them nowadays!”

Kenny: “Uh, I’m pretty sure those are moo-moos.”

Tracye, asking sales lady: “Are these moo-moos???”

Innocent Sales Lady: “Um, it depends on what era you’re in. They WERE moo-moos, but now they’re called Maxi Dresses.”

Kenny: “I don’t think that sounds like anything you want to be wearing. Let’s see how many girls are wearing them at the mall today.”

Count: Zero.

Tracye: “Maybe I’ll just stick with jeans and a shirt.”

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