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Pie In The Sky

Visited Sophie today, it had been a while (since June!) and I was on the precipice of falling onto the Bad Granddaughter List once again. Now, while it does seem like an excessive amount of time since our last visit, it was the END of June that I visited last, then we had July 4th weekend where I was out of town, then the following weekend Sophie was in Lafferty, Ohio, visiting old (get it?) friends, and then one weekend I just wanted to not go anywhere for a change, and now here we are.

I took her shopping, there were some sale items at the local I.G.A. she did not want to miss: Applesauce, 50 ounces for $2.19; Ketchup, $0.97; 1 dozen large eggs, $0.79. Those were good deals. I bought applesauce and eggs for myself, and then a roast of some sort because Sophie insisted it was too good of a price to pass up, although I really didn’t want it. She wanted some cottage cheese to go with her applesauce, but it was $3.19 and there was no way in hell she was spending that much. I slipped it into my cart for her and treated her to cottage cheese, as well as a surprise splurge purchase of ice cream sammichs ($3.99! which IS sort of expensive!). She initially wanted to refuse them, but then I reminded her of my $4,000 recent win and she was tickled to death to take the surprise groceries. Is this my future? Do you think I’ll EVER be that frugal? I’m not sure, I really don’t see it, but who knows. Can we ever escape our upbringing successfully? We can cover it up, but it’s still there, deep down, waiting in the shadows to pop out at ya.

Sophie had some interesting viewpoints today that she shared. While I was helping her get her seat belt fastened, we reminisced about the ‘olden days’ when you didn’t have to wear a seat belt, and kids just bounced around loose in the backseat. She then piped up with, “Well, Dolly, now they make you strap the kids in, and all these cars roll over and catch fire and the kids burn up because they can’t get out!” Huh. Maybe so.

Later she told me how she went next door and threw her trash away (she uses the neighbor’s can for her little bit of garbage, since she lives in the country trash pickup is something you pay for) and noticed a great big pile of soda cans in the trash. So she went home, got a great big bucket (her description) and pulled all those soda cans out and took it to the neighbor and told that she needs to take those to the recycle bin and get a couple of dollars for them, rather than just throwing money in the trash like that. Now, I’m not mocking her, No Sirree. I’m just saying, she could write a book on how to save a nickle. And it’s not just because of the current economic times, she has lived her entire life without squandering. She truly is leaving the smallest carbon footprint behind of all time. I believe Al Gore should personally deliver a prize to her. At the very least, Ed Begley Jr. should pay her a visit.

The End.

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