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The Bang Bang Theories

Bringing Sexy Back.

Monday night Kenny called and asked me if I wanted to meet him for a quick bite to eat somewhere around Parmatown Mall. His truck was at Walmart getting a leaky tire fixed so he was knocking around with nuttin‘ to do. “Sure,” I said. “Well, don’t expect it to be a sexy dinner or anything, probably just something in the strip (sounds sexy!) or in the food court.”

We settled on the Japanese hibachi place next door to Chipotle. We’d never been there before. Looked interesting enough, had a lot of clientele including some Asian-inspired folks, so we figured it couldn’t be too bad. They offered a large sushi selection, which Kenny was thrilled about. For dessert, they had this:

Green ice cream, the exact color of the wasabi (comparison in the small dish). We concurred it must be pistachio. It wasn’t pistachio, but it wasn’t wasabi, either.

Kenny: “What does it taste like?”
Me: “Um….I guess perfume. Maybe someone accidentally dropped perfume into the container.”
Kenny: “Perfume?? Let me try that!”

Kenny: “Huh. You’re right. Perfume.”

On the way out we asked the person at the register, who told us it was green-tea flavored. Maybe. Maybe jasmine green tea. But still too much like perfume. Maybe it was trying to bring Sexy Back to ice-cream.

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