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The Bang Bang Theories

March Already!

Sometimes things just work out. A giant work project – that I completed back in January and resurrected itself with new requests due March 6th – was cancelled!! I was staring into the abyss of work this weekend and long nights for next week, but all that changed with a simple email of Project Cancelled. They have enough other stuff to think about, apparently. Good for me! I had time to f-off at work on Friday, actually go out for a longer lunch and laugh and laugh and get coffee and clean my desk. Imagine. And this weekend lies unfurled at my feet, waiting for Wonderful Things to transpire.

So what have we on the agenda. Well as this is Weekend Before Vacation, we have a lot of housekeeping items on the agenda. Laundry, cleaning, putting-away-of-stuff, scrubbing and packing. Yes, packing. I’m packing a week in advance. I do not want to be up til the break of dawn next Friday night packing, which is what always happens. I don’t mind the last-minute items, but the general finding-of-all-things-summer and putting them in a suitcase will happen this weekend. And I have to visit Sophie. And we have a get-together Saturday night at Parma Tavern to celebrate Pete’s birthday. And I’d like to go to Sephora and buy many products of beauty, but am trying to talk myself out of that. My #1 New Years Resolution was to stop buying lipsticks. Yes, I made a resolution, it’s riveting I know. But seriously, my purse, car and makeup bag are riddled with lipsticks of every brand and color. And 90% of the time if you saw me, I wouldn’t even have any on! It’s ironic, really. Maybe there’s a subliminal meaning to my buying tiny tubes with little heads that pop out which I rub on my lips. I don’t know. All I know is, I have enough and am not buying any more until these are used up or thrown away.

Vacation’s in a week. I’ve tinkered with the thought of going back to the tanning booth, but I haven’t been successful in my past attempts. I have 10 free tanning sessions that I won, but by now if I started today, I could only use 8 of them up, and then what would I do with the remaining 2 sessions? Nothing, they’d go to waste. Probably like all 10 sessions are going to do.

Luckily, Kenny purchased 7 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and brought them home yesterday. But really, it’s much too late in the game to be trying to skinny up before vacation. In fact, we just discussed going to breakfast, so I see corned beef hash in my very near future. More fascinating tidbits to come later, Reader. Don’t lose hope that it’s really all this lame – I’m sure I’ve got some entertaining anecdote in me, it just hasn’t woken up yet.

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