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The Bang Bang Theories

Day By Numbers

Things we did or bought today:

  1. 36 rolls of toilet paper. Stocking up to avoid another run-out situation. Thanks, Sam’s Club!
  2. 80 lbs. of cat litter. Getting ready for vacation and a bunch of pooping cats.
  3. 2 lobster tails. 4 New York Strip steaks. Dinner Sunday night is going to be delicious!
  4. 2 books. I’m not sure if either is suitable for vacation. One is about a library cat named Dewey Readmore Books or something, it almost made me cry in the store reading the jacket. The other is The Other Boleyn Girl, recommended by a friend with similar book tastes.
  5. Returned 1 movie, Eastern Promises. Bought it at Best Buy last weekend, found it was on HBO last night and DVR’d it. Hadn’t opened the movie yet, so back it went. Score $10 back in my pants for me!
  6. Returned 24 cans of Iamms catfood. They don’t like it. Score $18.66 back in the pants again! We’re getting RICH on returns.
  7. Napped once.
  8. Did not make one bit of headway on Household Chores. Not one thing accomplished in that arena.
  9. 2 showers today. Making up for last weeks dirty unkempt appearance. Showered before errands today, and again after our “nap” in preparation for an evening out tonight.
  10. 2 blogs. Aren’t you happy now?
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