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The Bang Bang Theories

Mornings Are Overrated

Work. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when it’s unpleasant, it is a four-letter word, after all. I’ve had my fill of work, which is hampering the other four letter word and making Kenny unpleasant.

I brought a bag of work home with me that was so large (How large was it??!! The crowd shouted), It was SO LARGE, my car seat recognized it as a passenger and the seat belt sensor buzzed and blinked for the entire ride. That Large.

Suck. That’s another four letter word.

I’ve been taking horrible care of myself this week, fueling up on diet soda and shoveling whatever was convenient into my mouth (except for THAT, Dirty Minds, I just told you I’m too tired from all the WORK!).

Next week, when my life goes back to the normal roar, I am building time into my schedule to grocery shop for fruits and vegetables, make time for the gym and do squats to find my cute butt that’s down there somewhere, and read for pleasure. So there. But all that next week.

A new day dawns all too early.

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