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The Bang Bang Theories

WWJD (what would jack do?)

The following events took place between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.:

  1. Twinkle had a full day of insulin today. He pounced and romped and wasn’t trying to eat off my plate for the first time in a while. Improvement noted. Cat was kissed. I am still teary about the situation and have decided to allow myself a good long wallow if I wanna.
  2. Got a ridiculous project with an even more ridiculous due-date. Wallowed about that. Still wallowing.
  3. Continued my tradition of Gym & Gyro Tuesday. However, skipped the gym part and went straight to gyro. Didn’t wallow about that decision.
  4. Have calculated that The Misery is a couple of days behind. Could possibly be the direct link to the dramatic bout of wallowing.
  5. Had a pathetic lunch of leftover brown rice and edamame, without the luxury of even heating it up. Sad leftovers in a sad little container for a sad wallower.
  6. Ate one piece of fruit today. A banana.

The end.

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