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Everything of importance is in place for the holiday. Twink & Tree: Check.

To think, I was bemoaning the fact that I was too tired/too busy to make the effort to put up the tree. I realized Monday that Christmas is in fact NEXT WEEK (where have I been?? Oh, yeah – vacationing!), and it was time to git ‘er done. Wow, that’s hillbilly. But anyway, after clomping around and bitching about the effort involved, I realized it’s a pre-lit tree, and in fact only needed to be put on the table and fluffed out a little. Voila, it’s Christmas. I’m glad to know that I am in fact not that lazy – yet. I can still clear the table and plug the tree in. Twink was excited, as he is every year, and got right into the holly jolly spirit.

My careful planning for the holidays have once again ensured that Kenny’s present won’t be ready in time for The Day. Last year he got his custom-made jacket sometime in February. I have good intentions, but don’t plan them far enough in advance to be effective. I have two ancillary gifts for him to open on The Day, and then he’ll get to celebrate all over again once his big gift is ready. I seriously can’t believe the world doesn’t revolve around me and my needs. Don’t they know who I am?!


While waiting for the bedding to wash and dry this evening I took hair color matters into my own hands and am sad to say I’m not thrilled with the results. I have an appointment for tomorrow, but I Sophied-Up a little and didn’t want to spend $120 right before the holidays for no haircut, no highlights, just some base color only. I can touch that right up myself for $11, in the comfort of my own home no less. Well, maybe next time I’ll pay better attention to the box. It was for persons with very dark hair who want to lighten it up, and since my hair was already many shades lighter than the hair the product is intended for, it had some weird results. Not horrible, and I’m not even sure it’s $100 worse, but not my ideal shade for this month. Luckily, I switch it up so much that in 4 to 6 short weeks I can try something else. Or before New Orleans. Whichever mood strikes me. Ah, hair. It’s a love/hate affair.

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