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The Bang Bang Theories

Vacation Randoms

Well, Hello There! Allow me to take you on an informal, random tour of some of our Vacation Moments. Buckle up – the ride could get bumpy. Er, nevermind. I won’t post the pictures that I took which violated Beth & Rob’s camera….here’s the normal stuff. Now. Eyes down below, and off my massive rack.

Setting off on vacation. I think I ~ rather frighteningly ~ look like Kathy Griffin in this picture. Maybe it’s the bangs. Kenny didn’t seem to mind, he said he’d fuck Kathy Griffin. He wouldn’t talk to her, he finds her annoying, but he thinks she’s hot enough to grace with his penis. Lucky Kathy. Lucky me ~insert dry sarcasm here~.

See. I kind of enjoyed the stingray thing. As long as they weren’t around me…. We loved Beth & Rob’s camera!

Look how tan Ken is – he’s practically a bronzed God!

Our travelling companion, The Bouk, and his laminated Master Budget:

St. Maarten, no nudies were noted, but we did have beers and bbq:

Fondling an Ass:

Remember that time I bought a Cowgirl Hat, and you all laughed and laughed and I said screw you, I can Pull. It. Off. Well, in your FACE, Doubters. I have PULLED. IT. OFF. All over the Caribbean.

So suck it.

Here is a half-assed picture of our travelling friends, The Big Bouk Family: Seated from left: half of Kenny, Mike (married into the Bouk family), New Baby Lia (sitting in a high chair, you can’t see her but her spirit is there), Kathy (The Bouk’s sister), Lynn (sister to the Bouk), Vaso (Mama Bouk, who looks and sounds JUST LIKE Sophia from The Golden Girls), The Bouk Himself, or Father Bouk as he likes to be called, Lia (Bouk Baby) with her head turned, and half of Doreece, The Bouk’s patient and loving wife.

Here is a cool picture of St. Maartin at night, using the night function of the camera. It had been storming when we were leaving the island. It was a dark and stormy night…..

I want to go back.

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