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The Bang Bang Theories

Hey Now.

If someone came to your house and had to use your shower, is there anything in there which could cause a bit of embarrassment for you? That thought crossed my mind tonight as I was showering up after a hard day of cleaning. Tim and Chris the Male(Mail)Man are going to fix his bathroom (still hasn’t been fixed from the summertime leak situation, that’s another story for another day), and they decided it’d be a great project to tackle while Ken and I are on vacation. That way he can just use our shower/bathroom as needed, which is just good sense.

But anyhow, it got me to looking around in there. Now, there’s not much in there that would need an explanation, other than the tube of “Coochie Cream.” It would make me whisper and cluck, oh yes indeed it would, what type of deviants put a tube of Coochie Cream RIGHT THERE in the shower, for mixed company to stumble across. Well, stumble if you’re looking in my shower (which we know everyone does when they use someone else’s bathroom).

As exotic as the name sounds, it’s actually just a tube of shave gel, meant for the sensitive “bikini” area, also known as the coochie. It somehow magically produces a smooth area much like a porn star, rather than the chicken skin look that results from some poor shaving attempts. So while it really is harmless enough, I imagine I’ll put away the tube of Coochie Cream while my bathroom has visitors. I’d take it with me on vacay, since more of my coochie will be exposed to daylight than in the normal course of life, but I’m weeding down my packing with these new luggage fees, etc. No room for items designed solely for the comfort of my cooch. See how we SUFFER with these new airline impositions??!

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