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The Bang Bang Theories

Fun With Your Pants Off

A few things to note about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2:

1/ That it was popular enough to warrant a sequel. Apparently more than just myself liked the first one.

2/ There was an unexpected amount of male attendees at the show.

3/ Many of the movie goers were my own age.

4/ It is possible for one person to eat an entire large popcorn, right down to the unpopped kernels.

5/ If you’re going to eat that much popcorn, be sure to have enough soda on hand to wash down that last kernel that gets stuck in your throat and causes a few moments of unappreciated coughing (sorry, Movie Goers!).

6/ Those girls can still make me laugh and cry and become a part of them.

7/ Rory (Lena) looks good, but she has a very big forehead.

8/ Are we really supposed to suspend reality and believe that Rory and the chick from Ugly Betty (Carmen) can fit in the same pair of jeans?? Really??

9/ The movie makers obviously felt it necessary to add some diversity to the romances, which was NOT part of the books. I don’t believe that Brian was of Asian influence in the original. Now he’s Asian. And Rory had a fleeting moment with a mixed race dude. Don’t recall that from the books.

10/ Greek girls don’t lose their pants, according to Ya Ya.

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