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The Bang Bang Theories

What the F Ever.

Ah, well Hello There. Momee got this new camera and all she’s done so far is take a bunch of pictures of me. I wish she’d get this fucking thing out of my face, but since she won’t…..here ya go, some really nice pictures of my face and fur.

Momee drank an entire bottle of wine tonight by herself. Some people would call that a “problem.” Momee chalks it up to cooking all night in a kitchen sans dishwasher. She’s always bitchin’ about something around the house. Not sure what her prob is, me & Daddy worked like DOGS around the house today to make it nice for her when she came home. We vacuumed. I had to tell the other cats to Calm The Fuck Down when the vacuum was running. Jeeze, they lose their cat minds when that thing goes. It’s just a floor cleaner, Deal already. Dad and I also did two (that’s 2 People, for those of you who listen when Momee says she had to do every fucking thing herself) loads of laundry, made the bed and cleaned all the shit off the coffee table. To prove it, here’s a picture of my cat ass sprawled the fuck out all over those cool, cool coffetable tiles:

I wouldn’t have been able to lay like this if it weren’t for Daddy. Daddy, cleaner and put-er-away-er. You should really be able to see the beauty of my fur with Momee’s new fancy camera. Whatever. All I know is she needs to get that flash outta my face before I get it out of my face for her.

I’ve (or Momee, but we don’t like to point fingers) have just finished my 2nd beer on top of a bottle of wine. So I’m heading off to hit the hay. Fuck all ya’all.


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