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The Bang Bang Theories

Party in Your Pants

One cats trash is a little boy’s treasure:

We had what can loosely be called a cookout after work on Friday night, and luckily the cat house hadn’t made it all the way to the tree lawn on trash day, it’s been sitting out back behind the house. We were intentionally leaving it to see if Street Widda wanted to use it, but so far we hadn’t seen any interest in it until Lucas came to the party. He made a beeline to it, and made my heart swell with pride as he made full use of this fine, fine toy.

Our “cookout” was planned by boys. Two Einsteins that live in the house with me. Thursday night the conversation went something like this: “We’ve got a lot of beef left from last week, beer too. Chairs for the driveway. Let’s invite people over after work tomorrow for a driveway party.” Well, really, what more does one need? Beef, Beer, Chairs in the Drive. A Trifecta of Fun.

Now, it was fun, don’t get me wrong. I had to work really, really hard at not stressing out and running around like crazy in anticipation of it. I just let it all go. People were scheduled to arrive at the time I’m leaving from work, so there really wasn’t much I could do, which was good. I did, however, run around for a little while like crazy when I got home, made some baked beans (they did not have ONE side dish planned), threw some grilled onions and lettuce onto a plate for garnish and put a peach cobbler and chocolate cake in the oven for dessert. I happily drank Vodka while doing all that, so it went pretty effortlessly.

Vodka is my new “diet” alcohol. Less calories, more potency. A perfect balance, especially when cut with lemon-lime Sierra Mist. Refreshing!

A good-sized group showed up, including Hot Kim:

Of course, The MaleMan, in all his tanned splendor:

Little Lucas has a magic princess wand and is granting the Boys their wishes:

All-in-all it turned out fun, I didn’t get too worked up with the planning/doing/making part of an impromptu get-together, and we called it a night around 11 p.m. It had been a long day and I was eager to get to bed.

Lucas, by the way, is Pete & Vera’s grandson, and their pretty little granddaughter Kaylee (sounds like…might not be spelled correct) was there as well, and really flirted quite heavily with the Maleman…..She’s almost old enough for him, based on what he’s been dating recently! A few more years, Pete, you’d better keep an eye on these shenanigans! I had to keep an eye on Kaylee, I have dibs on Male and I’m not afraid of her, I think I could take her if it came down to it.

Here is the Little Miss:

And that was a Friday night Driveway Party.


With the newest pass-around email showing the large lion who is raised by two dudes who gets reunited with them after being apart for a year, I wanted Kenny and Twinkle to reenact the performance for me. So I tossed Twinkle onto Kenny’s head, and this was the result:

Not nearly as poignant of a fake reunion as I had hoped. Twinkle scratched him under the eye and then darted away. Kenny was less than thrilled with the entire incident, which happened around midnight on Thursday. It was officially coded a scratch-n-run incident.

Ghosts & Gobblin

Sunday afternoon Linda and I attended a psychic luncheon in Medina town square. The festivus was from noon to four, included a delicious lunch, coffee, dessert and ghost stories. Three Mediums were there, and would “read” you as the spirits pulled them. I didn’t have a lot going on with my spirits, but Linda had a lot of active spirits who were clamoring for attention.

Nothing really earth shattering was revealed, but enough “specific truths” were mentioned to make us curious enough to schedule a private reading. Reverend Tim was there, he’s the dude who read me about 10 years ago, and told me I’d be divorced because I was married to a controlling jerk (so true!), we’d fight about where we’d go on vacations (true, Fsteve always wanted some lame-ass shit like visiting relatives or hauling a batch of stepkids with us somewhere, and never the things that interested me like I get to do now), and that I’d have a baby. Well, so far, two out of three, so I was curious about the last one. Nothing was said, perhaps that was a misread. I hope so, I’m too lazy to have a baby. I had to force myself to get out of bed at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. I imagine I’d have a hard time convincing a baby to sleep to my schedule. So that was that.

Click & Spend

Some major Internet shopping was accomplished, with the purchase of two Alen air purifiers for our house. My online research indicated these are the best, and I’m hoping they do the trick for keeping the pet dander and dust from the kitty litter down a bit. From what I’ve read, people even sleep better/sounder with these things, clearing the sinus passages and whatnot. I’m just hoping to not wake up with hairballs in my throat! Our cats-to-space ratio is seriously out of alignment, so might as well try what we can to keep the airborne allergens down. And maybe I’ll be able to get off the nose spray.

My other Major Purchase of the weekend was a new digital SLR camera, the Olympus Evolt E520. I am excited and nervous to get it. It has a lot of fancy features, sounds a little overwhelming, but my interest outweighs my apprehension at using such a jazzy little gadget. I could be the next Andy Warhol. Or someone. Whoever. Whatever. If nothing else, I’ll have quite a Cat Portfolio compiled over my lifetime.

The Internet has certainly made blowing money just that much easier and quicker.

And that is the weekend update. Peace, and be inspired this week.

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