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The Bang Bang Theories

What Happens In Vegas

You Know You’ve Had Too Much To Drink When……

……you mistake a glass window for an open door. Ouch!

……you are too drunk to make it back to your hotel, so you stay in a back-up room at another hotel.

…….you think having sex in a bathtub is a good idea. Has anyone drowned from that yet, or would I have been the first??

…….the menu selection the following morning after consists of a packet of tums and regular coke. Of the cola variety.

…….you’re told you were putting on quite a make-out session on a moving escalator, in the middle of the casino, which is surprising because you are rather afraid of escalators under normal circumstances. Apparently vodka loosens up any escalator inhibitions one may have.

…….everything hurts the next morning, and you only have snippets of memory as to why.

…….the first thought you have upon awakening is, “Oh my God, where’s my purse?!!” And are relieved to discover it resting comfortably on an end table in a foreign room.

……..you think paying $4.95 for a bottle of Aquafina is a good deal at three in the morning. Whatever it takes to cool the burning in your throat.

…….in spite of everything that happened, you’re still not the one with the most drama that everyone is talking about!

………you’re happy to get back to work, where you can pretend to be a responsible adult and give your liver a rest.

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