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The Bang Bang Theories

A Quickie

Who’s the genius now, I ask?? ME! I’ll be enjoying fresh tomatoes on my sammich’s this summer, regardless what happens down in Florida. Ha! I even noticed a little flower bud on the Early Girl when I went t o check on the extent of the storm destruction from yesterday. They were still holding firm. So there. I think it’s gonna be a good growin‘ season. For me, at least.

I’m in my typical stressed-out pre-vacation mode. Have cleaned and scrubbed and carried and moved shit from one end of the house to the other, and a good deal to the tree lawn, it being trash-night and all. I still have to quickly mop the kitchen floor before calling it a night. All my good intentions, and I don’t have one thing packed or any of the clothes put away. I’ll have another fine night of that on Wednesday, it seems. That’s okay, I’m going to just turn it into a clothes-hanging & packing party and drink lots of wine wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Make it really seem like an event. That’s the plan, in case you are interested.

I have a long list of pre-vacation shit to accomplish tomorrow, in addition to the panties-only packing party.

1/ Get Spray-On Tan. Prior to spray on tan, come home and shower, exfoliate and shave every place that should be smooth. See, nothing’s ever just EASY. It’s always a giant fat project.

2/ Paint toenails & fingernails in new Sally Hansen fun summer shade of pink. I have been postponing this task because I painted my toes in a Sally Hansen bronze color and it’s nearly impossible to remove. It’s going to require a lot of work to get this off. Maybe I’ll start on that tonight, it might be a 2-day project. Stupid toe nail polish.

3/Consider coloring the roots of my hair. I cancelled my appointment which was scheduled for this past Monday, I am really just sick and tired of paying $150 for hair every 5 weeks. It’s goddamn ridiculous. So I have a new approach, to try and touch up the roots at least every other time with the $5 kit from Loreal. Hey, if it’s good enough for Heather Locklear….I may not want to mess with this before a fun vacation. It could all go bad on me, if history is any indication. I could always just wear my cowboy hat. See, lots of decisions!

Okay, this blogging isn’t getting my floor mopped. At least it never has in the past, this would be a first if it actually did get my floor mopped. Kenny cleaned out the dining room area while I was at work today, he must have made 25 trips to the basement, he hauled out everything except his keyboard and the exercise bike. It’s HUGE CLEAN in there. I sat and stared at it when I first came home, enjoying the sparseness of it all. He mentioned going to buy a table, but I just want to enjoy the empty space for a while. It’s beautiful.

Peace, and have a Mellow Yellow.

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