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The Bang Bang Theories

No News is No News

No new post this week. Too many other words I have to write. Have to give a presentation at work on Tuesday and still need to finish it up, as well as giving a speech for Toastmasters on Tuesday. Should be a great day ~arrrrgggggh~.

Meggan and Sally both had vacations this past week, and both had their copies of the new Harry Potter books to take with them. Hope they both enjoyed their book and their respective trips.

Kenny and I did head up to Canada Friday night for a quick get-away. We had a lot of fun, although they did make a lot of changes to the machines and the whole set-up is just not as nice as it used to be, back in the good ol‘ days when the pack of girls travelled together every other month. Those were some fun times!

Long gambling story short, I’m up about $150 and Kenny’s shamefully slightly down. The shame comes into play because he WAS up $2,500 from a run like I have never seen on 3-card poker: back-to-back straight flushes and 3-of-a-kinds. The win got away from him this time and he wasn’t able to hold onto it. He’s still just down a little, but seriously, that’s an awful lot of scratch to play back. He had fun, though. We leave for Atlantic City in a week & a half. I’m happy I have extra gambling money to take with me!

I finished my latest book, borrowed from Emily, She’s Come Undone. Really good story, I had to stay up til 2 a.m. Thursday night and finish it. Too good to put down.

That’s it from the peanut gallery. Maybe something exciting will come to me to write about later in the week. Right now I’m tired (it’s 12:52 a.m., we got home about an hour ago).

Peace and do something fun before July is over!

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