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Be Spontaneous

It was a very spontaneous week. On Monday we called about a free trip to Atlantic City offer we had received in the mail and there was still availability so we decided to take them up on the offer and away we went on Thursday. The trip included airfare and a stay at Harrah’s, through the same casino junket we had travelled with in January, Personal Travel Corporation. Our impromptu vacation went very smoothly.

We left on Thursday at 10:30 a.m., arriving around noon in Atlantic City. It was a bit rainy so we spent the day hanging at our hotel. Kenny played cards and had a little windfall at the card tables, netting over $900 on one 3-of-a-kind hand at the 3 Card Poker Table. He had a big bet out there and it paid off. He always tells me “if you want to drive a sports car, you’ve gotta be a sport.” I want the sports car, but I can’t gamble that large. Oh, I lose more then him, but I pollenate the machines and lose it $20 at a time. I tried to stick to a machine this time. I’m working on following his strategy. He’s up to Platinum and I’m still at the basic Gold level, so he’s obviously doing something better than me.

Friday we took the shuttle over to the boardwalk and strolled around enjoying the day. The weather was nice, a little brisk and windy, but it was nice to spend some time outdoors.

We saw some crazies out there on the boardwalk and gave some hungry-looking guy some money which was probably more than he’s ever gotten – he was quite appreciative. I believe we are all just one tragedy away from being that crazy person walking around the Boardwalk, so help a guy out when you can – for the grace of God, it could be you.

We went to some of Harrah’s sister casinos and played a while, had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe and headed back to our hotel late into the wee hours of the morn. Back at Harrah’s Kenny stayed up to play and ended up winning another $2000 on a $5 slot machine. I was in bed, having lost my allotment for the day – the typical gambling vacation for me.

We got home last night and was greeted with a snowy car at the parking terminal. Welcome home! It was good to get home, though, I miss the cats when I travel. They were glommed around us in bed last night and I was very happy about that.

The girls played cards at Jill’s house on Friday night where they celebrated Anastasia’s pregnancy with cake. She didn’t waste any time getting on with making a little family, she and her husband just got married last Fall. Congrats to them! For those who are reading and don’t know my girlies, this is Geri playing cards, not the expectant mommy.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk all week, pondering the meaning of life and asking the question, “Is this all there is?”. Rob informed me that yes, this is all there is, it’s one ordinary day rolling into the next, with vacations & whatnot thrown into the mix on occassion. That didn’t do much to ease my unease. He also told me that as we get older (ouch!) we question life and just aren’t sure of our purpose anymore. It seems ridiculous, we go to work, come home, watch t.v. and take vacations and buy stuff. That’s what makes a life??? Maybe.

For our trip I bought an Oprah magazine to read on the plane and the cover seemed to be talking to me: “Get a Life Lift: The search for meaning, connection and hope.” I read each article and came away quite disappointed with most; they didn’t offer up any great insights, just the same crap ya hear all the time. No one knows. The only thing of insight I did read was a statement that said asking, “What is the purpose” is the wrong question and if you get to that point in life, ask yourself a new question that will help you achieve what you want. I still am not any closer, but have determined that I just want to somehow help people so now I need to figure out how. Or I will watch Monty Python’s Meaning of Life and see if that helps.

I have exciting plans of a trip to Walmart, visiting my grandmother and doing some laundry for today. Geri gave me a good tip on carrots, she told me that Mustard Seed has the most flavorful carrots I could ever hope to eat so I may run to Solon for carrots. While I’m there I will also get their pea salad, it’s incredible. I’m living it up!

Peace and have a good week!

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