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The Bang Bang Theories

In Like A Lamb

The March weather has been a definite treat so far, with the smell of Spring in the air. With an earlier-than-norm Daylight Savings already in effect, it’s been a treat to leave work with daylight and spring breezes to greet me. It’s so nice to be able to leave work at a normal hour, had I still been in Product Management that would not be the case; my friends over there have still been pulling long hours and ridiculous deadlines. Ah, well…suckaz! Tsk, tsk…didn’t take me long to be a gloater!

Our new coffee and endtables arrived last Tuesday, they are stunning! At least we think so, they are a painted metal with a slate top and heavier than you can even imagine. We are now officially out of excuses for getting the house in order. It’s time to git ‘er done.

Kenny and I successfully pissed the weekend almost away once again. Friday we decided to go back to the new Erie casino. We gamble as a hobby, and acknowledged we need to find something else to do with our time. So we enjoyed it, but agreed that it will be our last gambling venture until we go to Niagria in June to see Huey Lewis. That’s really not such a great feat, since it’s only 2 1/2 months away, but it’s a start for us. We – as usual – don’t have any winning stories to recount, as they pertain to us. However, we did witness a woman named Eleanor win 7 jackpots – one of them for $100,000. She was playing a $10 slot machine and hit the motherload and we saw her. Erie does this thing where they have a DJ announcing all those who win over $1,000 and her name had been called about 5 times before the $100,000 win. We confirmed it was the same Eleanor. Well, Kenny and I were still in the “high roller” room watching the Ohio State game finish up and I watched Eleanor go from her $100,000 winner machine to a $5 slot machine and she sat down and within 5 minutes won the grand jackpot of that machine – $25,000. She later won another $5,000. People were speculating that it was a set-up, because it was a little surreal. We had another “almost us” moment, we were selecting a $5 slot to play and made the wrong choice. A man sat down at one we had considered, played 1 credit the way we do, and won $4,000. We left shortly after that…and saw a $6,000 winner on a $1 slot machine on our way out. I will tell you, they pay like crazy at that new casino. Never me, but others do win. Probably if Jill went up there, she’d clean house, she tends to be the lucky one of our group. So another “almost lucky” gaming weekend for us. That’s the last of it til June.

My copy of Sky Blue and Black arrived on Thursday. It’s exciting to see my friend Rob’s finished product. Can’t wait til it’s me – but I guess that means sitting down and putting words on the computer screen, rather than just thinking about them. I do have a story in me, but it’s a matter of getting the words out that’s key.

I’ve finally finished up the invites for my grandmother Sophie’s 90th birthday extravaganza in May. I debated to have professional invites done, but decided to just do a simple document in Word because the whole luncheon thing is going to cost around $700 as it is if everyone invited attends. Why spend unnecessary money on a piece of paper that will get thrown in the trash. The trick is going to be getting it printed – our new Windows Vista came with a host of problems, including printer incapatabilities. I’ve burned it to a DVD and will attempt to print them at work (I only need about 25 black & white copies) but I have a niggling feeling that there will be an “unsupported features” problem with my version of Word and the one I have at work. I’ll give it an attempt tomorrow and see what happens. It’s a shame when things go so wrong all the time that you anticipate problems before they arise. That just seems to be the way it goes lately.

Our datenight movie selection this week was Sandra Bullock’s new one, Premonition. It was fraught with holes in the plot, buildups that went nowhere and a disappointing ending. I have a premonition that it won’t last long in the theaters.

I made a tough decision this week to stop fighting for monetary issues that are under $10. It was tough, and it’s going to be hard to do, but the anxiety that comes with fighting for every wronged $2.00 charge just isn’t worth it anymore. I had a $1.64 freak charge from my bank and when I called them to inquire they had no solid explanation for it and the man on the phone agreed that he really didn’t quite understand it either. Rather than go off on a tangent, I calmly said “well, okay then” and just let the bank have it. It’s too much sometimes. Kenny was very proud of me and to do his part he has agreed to not let the large things get by him – his set-point is $25 and up. He’s the King of just letting it all go rather than argue about it, which drives me crazy. It will be a challenge for both of us and it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Peace, be safe, and enjoy the lamb of March!

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