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Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is 2 days away now and how did I spend the past weekend? Wrapping presents, last-minute shopping, sending Christmas cards, baking cookies? Of course not! Kenny and I headed to Windsor Saturday night for a weekend of gambling fun. Rod, my Casino hostest with the mostest, got me a casino rate on a room for the night, which made it an affordable $125 for the night. I should get a wing of the hotel for free considering the amount of money I lost up there over my birthday. The picture is from our hotel room and shows Detroit across the river. It was a foggy, hazy morning.

This trip was much better on the gaming front, we won on the first machine we sat down at which is one of Jill’s favorites, a $2 Double Bucks slot. Kenny and I put $20 each in and cashed out about 5 minutes later with $300, which we fairly split. Overall the gaming action was quite fun and we didn’t get spanked too hard. Well, Kenny did really well and I got spanked a little but not too badly. In the picture he’s seen counting his stack of black chips ($100s) from his profitable table action. He would have left with the majority of them had it not been for me – but alas, he had to cover me on more than one occassion so his stack shrank just a bit.

It was a really busy, quick past couple of weeks, gearing up for the holidays. It’s Christmas Eve Eve and I have – I believe – all of my shopping complete. I never did get my Christmas cards mailed out, but I hope everyone knows I wish them the best holiday and good health without getting a paper product in the mail. But that’s really no excuse since I should be supporting my bread & butter just a little bit better! I did BUY the cards, as well as stamps, but they remain unsigned admidst the rubble of the kitchen. Ah, well. Next year.

The girls and I had our annual Christmas lunch and gift exchange and it was really fun as usual. We dined at Macaroni Grill, where we lunch for all our special events. I got some fabulous gifts from the girls, including a Burberry golf towel from Jill, movie money from Frannie and Geri bought us each a Coach umbrella so we remain stylish during inclement weather. Let me tell ya, I couldn’t wait for the first rain – lucky for me we’ve had a few days of it!

Our department luncheon for work was this past Wednesday at Houlihans. The food was good but it was the typical get-together. Eating and socializing with people I don’t see other than work. There are a few folks that I really like in my department, and they know they’re my friends and we eat and chat all the time. The rest are a purely work relationship and will most likely never amount to more than that. You could definately tell the little “clicks” of friends as they all clustered together at separate tables. The department is very high-schoolish in that way, and I just don’t have time – or an interest – in all that. They gossip and spread all sorts of rumors – I’m sure I’ve been the target at some point – and I’m just not wasting one ounce of my energy on that. Maybe next year we can do something more interactive, such as bowling, to try and break down some of the clickishness and get people to know each other more. But frankly I don’t really care. As my friend Vicki once said, “I know enough people”. A fine line to remember!

Kenny and I have been seeing a lot of movies in the evenings after work. We recently saw The Pursuit of Happyness, Stranger than Fiction and last night we saw Rocky. Happyness was an average heartwarmer, Stranger than Fiction was really unique and quite enjoyable, and Rocky was…. Yo! Awesome! In a totally Rocky kinda way. We were all hopped up and inspired after seeing it, but as I got up from the movie seat, my hip/crazy leg pain reminded me that not only can I not box nor move quickly, I could barely walk to the car. I’m New Year’s Resolutioning to somehow get that fixed. I cannot take it. I’m like House, hooked on Vicadin for my crazy leg pain.

Today I booked a trip to Atlantic City for January. We’ll be joining my friends Geri & Rusty, and their friends Chis & Dave. It was super-cheap, at $250 each for 2 nights at Harrah’s and airfare. The gambling, of course, is what will get ya…I’m bound to get lucky one of these times if I keep trying. It’s the law of averages!

Twinkle has been hard at work in the Christmas tree and the branch finally gave up.

That’s about it from here. I’m hoping to see my nephews sometime during the holidays, but Melinda & Trevor are leaving for Florida on Christmas Day and she’s busy getting ready for her travels on Sunday so that didn’t work out. She suggested I mail the boys their gift cards, but that’s not going to happen. I’d at least like to see them, if that’s not asking too much. The family’s already disjointed enough. I haven’t heard a word from my father since I reached out over a year ago with a phone call. We all make our choices in the world and have to live with the consequences. I’ve had a lot of disappointments, I guess, and as Rocky said, life will beat you up and pound you down, but it’s not how many times you get knocked down that matters, what matters is that you keep getting back up and moving forward. That’s all I’m trying to do: keep getting up and keep moving forward.

Peace out and stay safe this holiday!!

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