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The Bang Bang Theories

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Some values have been established over at Chez Bang Bang, Reader, and it came as a bit of a surprise even to myself.

So you may or may not care know this about Trixie Bang Bang, but she has spent the last year being somewhat frugal-ish. I mean, not like Sophie* Frugal, but frugal-ish.

*Sophie is Trixie’s grandmama, and she wears the crown as the Queen of Frugal. She wouldn’t buy herself even a piece of pastry from the store unless it was 85 days old and cost no more than a quarter, and for that quarter you’d better be getting a bag of those confections, not just a measly single serving.  Sophie actually convinced me to give ’em a try one time, too, because, as she said, “you just heat ’em up in the microwave for a few seconds and they’re good as new with a cuppa coffee!” Reader, that was a lie. They were not as good as new, unless maybe they tasted like flavorless tough doughballs even when they were new.

So that’s why I say I’ve spent the last year being frugal-ish.  I will still enjoy a freshly baked pastry, because comeon.  However. I have also become quite familiar with shopping at the Dollar Tree, and have been quite impressed with some of their selections, mostly in their toothbrush area (a 2-pack of Colgate toothbrushes for $1!!) and cleaning supplies (the same bleach that costs $3 at Walmart for one whole dollar here!). What I’m saying is, I’ve gotten more savvy with my limited dollars.

Some things aren’t a hit, or even a good deal. But I will say I’ve been intrigued while walking through the personal care aisle and I’ve noticed the hair color. I mean, it’s $1.

On the other hand, it’s $1.

How in the holy-mother-of-hair is this even possibly going to work respectably?

So last night I bought one because I had some very shiny and shimmery silver roots peeking through and those bitches need to be covered, because frankly they are rude for trying to outshine me.

And that’s how it’s happened that this $1 hair color is sitting on my head right at this very moment, for another ten minutes.

And so far I’m not feeling any burning or tingling or noticing any clumps of my tresses falling to the floor.

I had fully expected to get this home and find it was a small sample size of color, but no, it was not.

It was a regular portion size, the same as every other $8 box mix.

The biggest diff I noticed was #1/ it didn’t come with an after-color conditioner (who cares!) and #2/ the gloves where a flimsier material (absolutely no one cares for a $7-$10 price savings).

This morning this conversation happened between me and My Mister:

TBB: “You’re going to be super excited when you see your coffee choices this morning!”

MM: “Did you buy k-cups at the Dollar Tree???!!”

TBB: “Don’t be ridiculous! I would NEVER trust my coffee to come from the Dollar Tree!”

And that, Reader, is exactly when I learned my values of the dollar.

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