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The Bang Bang Theories

Hard of Purring

Me: “I think Kitty Purry is losing her hearing.”

Him: “What makes you think that?”

Me: “Well, when I call her name or when I try to wake her up when she’s sleeping, she doesn’t move.”

Him:  ~ just looks at me ~

Me: “So therefore she must be losing her hearing. Otherwise she would turn to look or at least twitch.”

Him: ~ still staring ~

Me: “Today I did a test and made a lot of loud bangs and trilling noises when she was snoozing on the porch and she didn’t move at all until I touched her.”

Him, finally chiming in: “Maybe because she was sleeping.”

Me: “I think we need to give her a hearing test.”

Him: “And what do you think that involves?”

Me: “Standing behind her and banging on stuff and see if she moves her head.”

Him, calling Purry! P U R R Y!! , who was just sitting on the outdoor couch minding her own business.

Purry looks over towards him, a disdain and annoyance.

And I think we have our answer: All cats are hard of hearing.

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