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The Bang Bang Theories

This is Nuts.

Happy WhateverDay, Reader!

I have been in a M.O.O.D. the past month day or so, and it’s not getting better so I’ve decided to take a smeency time out from the Things that Annoy Me, namely:

1/ People (not YOU, Reader – other people)

2/ News

3/ Social Media

Except ironically, Here, which is like social media times ten, but I’m not inundated with other people’s dumbness here – only my own.

I only want to listen to me at the moment, Reader. And Taylor Swift, because I’m not ashamed, I heart T-Swizzle and we listen a lot-lot-lot to her Lover album despite the fact in her song “Lover” she has a really bad lyric and it sort of makes my blood pressure go up a little and I want to have a cocktail with Tay and suggest she rewrite and re-record it because IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE and she’s better than that.

Twizzle. Call me. We can fix this and have a mutually satisfying outcome.

Finally, things at Chez Bang Bang are smoothing out sickness-wise.  My Mister has had a bad enough cough that I thought it was going to kill him the other night when I smashed a pillow over his face.

We both made it through, but it was touch and go. I was sending very angry texts from the bedroom to him in the living room, which was not socially distanced enough to stop me from hearing him every twenty seconds make VERY LOUD and NERVE-GRATING noises.

I wasn’t so much annoyed the fact he had a cough; it was the fact that he wasn’t doing everything possible to stop making so much noise. Tea, honey, hot shower, gargle with salt, cough drops; I just wanted him to do all the things possible to prevent suffocation.

But we’ve gotten past that hump and I didn’t even have to clean his insides with disinfectant.

So today I decided to write my To Do list up so that I could stay on track a bit and accomplish a few things that I have been actively procrastinating doing, but I also wanted to feel like I’m already a success so I started with my #1 item being something I wanted to do and was currently doing:

I have successfully met this goal and have had two cuppsa coffee already, along with the best nutroll in the world from my local bakery, and while one of my challenges is to eat less sugary stuff I figured this counts as brain food because walnuts are a superfood and also super yummy when ground up, mixed with butter, and smashed between some dough. So I had it for my health, Reader.

And that’s what we’re doing so far today.

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