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The Bang Bang Theories

A Show-er & A Grow-er

We’re now fiftyzillion days into the quarantine and I’ve turned into a farmer, Reader.

On one of our trips BC (Before Corona) to Costco, we picked up cherry tomatoes called Flavor Bombs. And they were da’ bomb.

I did a little research to find out why in the why these are so dang tasty, and apparently they are magic seeds from the South of France, and yum, I want more in mah mouf.

Except I don’t wanna pay mucho dinero* for them, and so I had the Bang Bang Bright Idea to become a grower.

* I’m being show-offy with my month+more dedication to practicing my Spanish lessons on Duolingo.

For a month or more I’ve been gathering up my egg shells, and then a trip to the dollar store netted some soil specific to growing seeds, and THEN I recalled I had purchased a MiracleGro AeroGarden for cheapo bucks from a Marketplace seller several years ago and had never used it yet. The most important part of that statement is that I could actually locate my AeroGarden and grab it down easily-ish from one of the shelves in the garage.

If you knew my garage and the forces I’m up against with keeping it somewhat manageable to get things from (Kenny), then you’d more fully appreciate that statement.

Today was deemed The Day to Dig In.

I carefully harvested seeds from some of the Flavor Bombs I had hidden away so they wouldn’t get eaten, and drilled holes in the cap of an empty mountain dew bottle to craft a tiny sprinkler so I wouldn’t wash away my seeds, and planted and tamped and got it all set up, using those fancy plastic egg crates as my makeshift greenhouse.

Now, the AeroGarden could have probably been used to successfully grow these in water only, but I don’t exactly know the workings of that so I went with this method and hope to see something sprouting.

I’m not sure exactly what my end game plan is with this endeavor because my prior attempts to grow vegetables are up against the forces of nature of which I cannot win (deer); yet the eternal optimist in me keeps trying.

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