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The Bang Bang Theories

We Only Need One Boss

Hi From the Sunshine State, Reader!  I have So. Many. Things. To tell you! And yet here I am, instead of writing I choose to Pool this morning, and yes, it’s a verb because I pooled the hell out of the better part of the high afternoon and it was delicious.

I’m getting ready to head to Melbourne to visit my dad’s lady, and I’m going to be late at this point, but hey, guess what, life will keep moving along.

I’m learning how to finally relax a little in life.

Kenny pointed out, “You hardly even yell at me anymore on the phone.”

My jaw is less tense, I wasn’t even aware how clenched it was as a natural state of being, until now when I notice it feeling clentched up. Before it was just always all clutched up on itself, I didn’t know there was another way for it to be.

Well, there is. It’s being relaxed most of the time.

I’m stretching and doing my own version of yoga for the stiff and un-agile, sometimes in the pool, sometimes in my Minute House, but always some form of it every single day.  I’m trying to find a benchmark to see if I’m getting more bendy, but so far it feels all the same, maybe – but maybe it’s better. It’s not worse, so I’ll take that for a win.

In my head this week I’ve heard The Hoff’s words, “be as good to your insides as you are to your outsides,” so I’ve been drinking my green smoothies and now my poops are actually greenish from all the greens I’m ingesting, you’re welcome for that, and also I’m sorry, but hey, blame The Hoff.  She instructs, I listen.  And then I tell.  It’s a vicious cycle of what’s in my brain and now is in yours.

Did you know I live in the country, Reader? I didn’t even know there was the “country” in Florida, I thought it was all oceans and beaches and lake and alligators, but nope. There’s the country and I’m in it.

It’s so country, I left for work one day this week and there was a pack of turkeys strutting down the driveway.

Apparently there was a BEAR in our backyard, too, and there is a pack of baby coyotes that I hear practice howling as dusk falls on the evening.  And believe me when I say they are not in the comfortable distance, they are c-l-o-s-e.

Which leads right into my next story, but I don’t have time to tell it right now as I need to get on the road, so now you have a cliff hanger, but I promise it will be told tomorrow, pinkie swearsies, so come back, I also pinkie swearsies no more info about my poops. That promise is just for tomorrow, not for good, because if something super-interesting starts to happen down there, I know ima gonna wanna tell you about it.  Because we’re thisclose at least in my mind, and that’s what we share with each other. Except you’re falling down on your end of the stick, so feel free to leave a sharing comment if you’d like.  But no pressure, because you do you, Reader.

I’m not the boss of you.

That does lead me to think of something my dad’s lady told me once and that is, “The only thing that’s the boss of me is my ass. I do whatever it tells me to do, and when it tells me.”

So there.



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