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The Bang Bang Theories

“B” as in “Bigtoe”

So after my big proclamation yesterday, how did it go today, you’re probably wondering. I mean, there’s probably no “probably” about it — I’d bet dollars to donuts* you’ve been wondering about what I got bizzy planting today. Because I’m of course the top thing on every single person’s mind. Obvi.


Well, anyway. The day started out like any other Monday in my world.

Except! It was super-sunny and bright and pretty outside and that motivated me to spring up and just get busy with the day at eleven a.m.

Over a cuppa coffee, I jotted down my To-Day List, pulling things forward from my lengthy and intimidating To Do List, which for the record is 2 pages and there’s not nearly enough “fun” on it. Even after my big deal about putting fun on it. I mean, there IS some, it’s just still a lot more task-heavy. Baby steps, Reader.

But on my To-DAY list, I was sure to add in the things I wanted to do alongside the things I needed to do.

The sunny was shiny and so I took a neighborhood walky. No one is ever happier than my decision to go for a walk than the cats.

It was this pretty today in real life. No filter.

I did some yard work after the walk, because I’m working on intermittent raking. The yard at Chez Bang Bang is wide and long and leaf-heavy and blister-making when I save it all up to do in a day or two. So I’m working on it in stages. A little patch every week, and by the end of April I’ll be ready for summer. Probably sooner, because I was so full of spark today I did a section I was going to break out over three days. I just got on a roll.  And also was hoping I was early enough that the snakes are still in hiding and won’t be scaring me from under a pile of leaves.

Adding extra outdoorsy time through raking?  It was Gussy’s Perfect Day.

While waiting for one of my marketplace sales to show up at the nearby CVS parking lot later this afternoon, I jotted down my “Gratitude List” for the day. I just don’t know if I like the ABC format for my list of gratitude. It’s a lot of things to think of and it’s tough to get through 26 things. I hop-skipped around a little bit and didn’t complete it all, but I did enough to feel happy about it.

Fun Fact:  Every single time I have to think of anything that begins with the letter E, I always, every single time think, “Elvis!” Not just in my gratitude list, but also if I’m spelling out a word for someone. I can mostly fake in into sounding like I’m a smarty pants using the NATO phonetic alphabet; I can Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot with the best of ’em. But every. single. time.  I get to E, and instead of Echo, my brain and mouth automatically go right to Elvis, which frankly it SHOULD be Elvis, as he’s an internationally known name that the whole entire world can spell and knows it start with an “E” whereas “echo” may be confusing to other languages. And here is my thesis on reasons why to change the “E” in the phonetic alphabet. And also that is one long comma-heavy sentence. I win in that, too. So there.

In Fun Fact 2 regarding the phonetic alphabet*, one time a long long time ago, I was scheduling an appointment for someone and the guy on the phone had a heavy accent and was spelling something for me and I thought he said, “B as in Bigtoe.”  He had actually said “V as in Victor.”  But ever since then? B as in Bigtoe. It just makes sense.

Lastly, I never knew I had so many thoughts on the phonetic alphabet. Hm. Maybe this is something I need to look into rewriting because my ideas are actually borderline crazy brilliant and I feel very strongly about it.

But back to life at hand today.

My Mister is off having Man Week for the next 10 days so I’m mostly solo with my dinner plans. Which would be fine if I wasn’t poor and could just go dine around town myself. Less fun concocting something at home. I almost shortchanged myself with cereal (which is good enough, don’t get me wrong – but not tonight), but instead I decided I was worthy of a butter garlic shrimp and pasta dinner.

I made up a recipe and just went for it – it’s tough to go wrong with butter, garlic, lemon and mozzarella – and let me just say, it was yummy. Sometimes when I wing it, it can turn out no bueno, but this time? Winner.

So I made my mouth happy today.

How about you, Reader? What part of your body did you make happy today? Er… nevermind.

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