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Deviled in the Details

You guys, over the holidays I egged my cousin’s house and got a gift in the mail yesterday as a result. 

So basically what I’ve learned is that crimes (against deviled eggs) does, in fact, pay.

I’m frankly surprised she’d get me an egg carrier, because I would think she really enjoyed cleaning the driveway the morning after her Thanksgiving party, the same party in which I made a tray of deviled eggs to be enjoyed at, but upon taking them out of my car, every single last deviled egg slid off the tray and landed with a splat.

*I know that is a poorly constructed sentence/thought. It’s also 7:40 a.m. and I’ve gotta get my ass outta this chair and into my car and on my way into work, so take what you can get you and say, “gee, thanks, Trixie!”

**My brother tried to clean the egg off the driveway, because it was directly in a walking path, but no amount of throwing water on the problem solved it. They were there for the party, one way or another.

***The next morning I also saw egg on the side of my car.  It’s the gift that just kept on giving.

4 thoughts on “Deviled in the Details

  1. And P.S. All the wild critters enjoyed some of our bountiful feast! So, while I didn’t get an egg, it wasn’t a total loss!

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