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MonYAY (Said No One. Ever.)

TGIM, Reader!! Said no one ever, except my friend Choo last night, and I told him, “I’m stealing that!” and here we are with it officially stolen.

This is the backyard view of Chez Bang Bang right now, and it is bleak and sparse and has been matching my mood this past holiday weekend. I hate to be a cliche and have the Holiday Blues, so I’m working extra hard to knock myself into a GREAT MOOD, and we’re starting with TGIM!!

I also started with pulling out my Rituals for Transformation 108 Day Journal that I bought a year or more ago and haven’t written a single word in it, until just a few moments ago.  Why?? I think in my mind I thought it was over a year long process, and it just now dawned on me it’s just about three months, because I didn’t do the math AT ALL until now, and I think I can stick to 108 days. It’s short little windows to write.

I read an article last night about journaling and it got me motivated to start keeping one, and it also said you’re supposed to write a minimum of three pages in the morning and my book does not allow the space for that so I’m giving you some blog, which isn’t the same thing at all, and it may in fact make me late for work so I need to wrap it up here, Me, or it’s going to NOT be a TGIM.

Apparently the “write 3 pages in the morning” ritual is straight from The Artist’s Way, which I’ve never read, but think maybe I should. Reader, have you read this? Should I add it to my reading materials? Please advise. Do I already have enough crap I’m adding to my life that can also be considered procrastinating?

Speaking of procrastinating, I have recently been commissioned to PAINT a PICTURE for someone, Reader!! I know, I know — you didn’t even realize how deep my talents ran.

Neither did I. Neither does he, and boy howdy, is he going to be in for a surprise.

I am in a Not-a-Secret-Santa gift exchange and the person who I have to surprise has requested “something from the heart, like a painting” and first, that’s quite bold, to want something from my heart and he’s never even met me – I could have a very dark heart for all he knows – but what the hell. So now I have to get busy in my art studio, also known as the spare bedroom I’ve turned into an office and not an art studio at all.

TGIM, Reader. It’s time for me to get along down the road and start this day.


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