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Planting The Seeds

Ya’ll, I decided it was only fair* to post actual pictures of the actual haul from my actual farm.

*fair to whom, no one exactly knows, since no one was questioning fairness

I started the arduous task of de-decking yesterday afternoon, as we had a bright and sunshine-y day here at Chez Bang Bang.

Since there’s stirrings of a rumor of frost I determined it was now or never to pluck my k-kup sized tomatoes from their stalks and pitched all of the plants from the porch into the ravine, hoping some deer enjoy the tomato stalks, or maybe, just maybe they will re-root themselves into the ground on the hillside and take hold and multiply and I’ll have natural born tomatoes next year with zero effort on my part.

Because in my mind I’d like to believe that’s how gardening works.

Back in my olden days, when I was Mrs., I was told a tale by that Bad Mr that while he was growing up wild asparagus grew alongside the road and the family would just stop and pick it whenever they had a hankering. Just right there, on the roadside, cropping up.

That was the story I was thinking about when the tomato plants were wung into the ravine. Next year we will have creekside tomatoes just springing up from Mother Earth, there for the picking, with no deer or anything else coming along to eat them before I get to them. I imagine an entire hillside of free-range tomatoes growing.

Come live with me in my fantasy world, Reader. It’s fun here. Except we have a little insomnia, which is why we’re up at this ungodly hour. Which for most of you is just the normal hour of being up, you with your showoffy jobs and whatnot, but lawdy does it feel young in the day to me.

2 thoughts on “Planting The Seeds

  1. I’m seeing fried green tomatoes! Those look huge! My grandfather used to grow them large like that in the Deep South.

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