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Cat Scratch Fever

Reader, hi!

I have been biiiiizee!

Not really, but really.

I feel like my days are plumb full-up, but I’m not sure exactly with what.

I do know I’ve made it through a week as an Unemployed Person (UP! coincidence? I think not!) and have used the time to tackle some household projects. Still have many to work my way though, but it’ll get there.

I have a doctor’s appointment for their never-ending-we-must-always-check-you-all-the-time-for-everything-pay-us-your-copay-please on July 2nd, which is also when I no longer have health care coverage until I get new in place, and that just reminded me I was supposed to get up at 8:30 a.m. today and call for a same-day appointment opportunity, but I just remembered that right now, so oops.

Instead I was busy giving the cat a scratch on the chin probably around that time*.

The same face I make when I get my back scratched…


*I want to pretend to you that his chin-scratching happiness was possibly happening at 8:30 a.m., but the only happiness that was happening at that time was me, snuggled up in another two hours of dreamy dreams.

2 thoughts on “Cat Scratch Fever

  1. Give yourself time, you will get things done. I know because I have to go from room to room to see what needs to be done. Of course in my present home I can stand in the hall and see all rooms. I’m still deciding, it never ends. Good luck.

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