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Onward! Is the Only Direction to Go.

I’m in a whole cycle of wash, rinse, repeat, Reader.  Sort of.

As of yesterday I find myself in need of a Louise to my Thelma.  Because the Card Mines laid off 100+ folks and my number (51*) was up.

*also, my age. Coincidence? Probably.

Luckily, I got an awful awesome severance package. And they wanted me to come back in for two days this week and transition my projects over to the team that would be handling them.

Now, that just isn’t going to happen. Ever.  I know very few things for sure, but that, I know for sure. I may or may not have laughed in their faces when I said, “I am NOT doing that!”

And then I gathered my things, turned in my badge and let the doors open to new adventures.

As I was driving home, pondering the endless Summer of George possibilities that now sprawl before me, the first stop was for a cake. Like marriages, new babies and birthdays, some events just beg to be shepherded in with a cake.

It’s hard to have any feels-sorries when there is a flour and sugary confection headed towards your lips.


I’m a little bit worried about my lack of worry, Reader.

Instead of coming home and frantically updating my resume and hitting the job boards, I literally spent two hours looking at all the places I can go.

A solo road trip across the USA. I would love to find a Louise to my Thelma, without the death part at the end, but am prepared to go it alone. I’m even considering buying a tent to – gasp – camp! – during parts of the adventure. Because I need to be frugal, Reader.

My friendie from upstate NY reached out and invited me to visit and float around in her pool. I plan to bother grace her with my loungy ass for a few days.

There’s Chicago next weekend, which I can now leave for any ol’ time of the day.

Then there’s the  Seashell house on Isla Mujeres, where I could probably get a lot of book-writing done, as I would be very inspired. And maybe a little drunk, also known as “releasing my creativity.”

My other friendie, who I visited in San Fran during my last bout of “Funemployment” has moved to Australia, and welcomed me to join for a visit.

My actions clearly tell me that my need to explore the world is more valued than a steady paycheck.* Except I still need to pay bills to keep a roof over my seven three cats heads and kibble in their mouths. Because we won’t all fit in an RV.

*probably will have a different thought in six months time if I’m still not working. Let’s hope for wonderful things to happen so I don’t need to worry later on.

I’m taking today to not do anything at all and then tomorrow, I will begin my Summer of George.

But instead of reading a book from beginning to end, I’m going to write that book from beginning to end!

And finish organizing my house.

And working on the yard.

And selling crap to make a little spending money.

I’ve been here before, Reader.  And it turned out just fine for a while. It’ll turn out fine again, I believe in myself.

I just have to keep my sails adjusted to catch the next breeze.

2 thoughts on “Onward! Is the Only Direction to Go.

  1. I was sad to hear you were gone. Of course, I said, now she can write that book, make millions, and when the card mines want to sign her, because she is so very witty and popular, she can string them along, before saying, nope, I don’t think so. At least I hope that happens.

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