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The Bang Bang Theories

Just a Little Sunday Morning Coming Down

Well, my bigga plans for cinco de drinko fell apart last night, Reader. I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent, not well enough for mucho drinkies, and so I skipped out. There’s always next year, if i make it to another one. Hope along with me, Reader, because I still have a big to-go list filled with fun destinations.

Yesterday I did manage to put some effort into summering up the deck, and it’s looking s-h-a-r-p.

I scored the deal of the season on a new bright and stripey rug that makes me happy to see it, $40 and it is big and nice and cat-approved.

Nosey spent a good ten minutes pinning down his brother and giving him a thorough cat bath. 


In fact, it’s such a good deal, I’m going to head back to the store tomorrow and hope they still have some and buy a back-up rug to store, just in case buying a mostly-cream outdoor rug that will see a lot of rain and cats starts to look the worse for wear by July.

My Artist* advised me to buy the navy blue diamond pattern, except it didn’t make me as happy and also when do I ever take good advice? Rarely is the answer, Reader. I’ve been told I’m impulsive, against better judgements, and there could be some troof to that.

*Yes, I have a personal Artist friendie, so there, and also I highly recommend having one in your back or front pocket (whichever part of your pants makes you happiest, Reader – I’m not here to judge), because Artists? They know things. And can do things. He’s the very reason my porch is so damn cute now. He saw the vision I verbalized and found the perfect corner posts and figured out the perfect steel poles we needed and color-matched it all together and strung lights and now my deck is my happy place in the house during nice weather.  And he’s never even come over and enjoyed the fruits of his labors, which is sad, and he’s been extended an open invitation, but he’s a do-er and not a sitter-on-the-decker. Maybe this post will convince him to come and sit with me.

I managed to round up some coconut planter things (last year I was too late to the game and they were sold out everywhere in the shape I needed), so I threw together some herbs and just looking at it makes me happy.

I planted mint, basil and cilantro.  Three favorites for pesto, mint tea, and salsa.

The deck is looking night-time pretty, and is begging for friendies to come fill up the seats.

Soon, Reader. There’s a tentative party planned in June. Tentative, as in “only in my head so far.”

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