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Hi Reader, Happy Weekend. Unless you’re reading this on not a weekend, then Happy That Day.

I haven’t been here much, because I’ve been trying to expand my creativity by painting awful pictures. Because I’m a badass, and refuse to  not paint just because I’m not a good painter. But that leaves me having to make a Sophie’s Choice, of painting, reading, writing or doing shit I should be doing, like laundry, cleaning, bill paying, etc. So not really like a Sophie’s Choice at all, more like a Trixie’s Choices, which are plenty, not life or death, and usually chosen not wisely at all.

I keep working on my dern sea scape, but the youtube I’m watching goes really fast, faster than I paint, and then I’m rewatching parts, and using too much paint and I don’t know how the tutorial teacher keeps such a small amount of paint on her palette thing.  She makes a little go a looong way, which is the opposite of what I do. Maybe I’ll get to the point of adding in some waves and blurring up my beach line later today or tomorrow.


In other news, Fall is looking pretty at Chez Bang Bang.

Speaking of Fall, Thursday at work I did exactly that.  My shoe seems to be acting like an asshole, and wasn’t “lifting” with my foot. I can wear about three pair of shoes only, my pickings are slim because i’m still healing that gol’dern-mother’fuckin’ blister spot and can’t wear anything that will put pressure against it so I’m wearing slide-on shoes. Well that damn shoe slid underneath my foot and tripped me right on up.

Luckily it was late on the way out of the building and there wasn’t an entire audience to witness my tumble. Three girls came running up and then shared their own stories of falling, which somehow was supposed to help me. Basically I just wanted to get in my car and cry and look at my boo-boo, which consisted of a big lump on my knee and a bloody elbow.

So basically, I’m now the person who takes a wicked spill. I am one birthday away from needing a Life Alert.

And oh, yeah, I chipped my tooth on something a week or so ago, and am now up to $3k in dental expense repair work, which luckily will be done right before I head out for vacation next week. Stay away, Burglers, because of course I have a cat sitter here ALL THE TIME, so don’t try to steal my stuff. Unless you’d like to take one of the peeing cats, then have at it.

Speaking of a peeing cat, we changed the sheets the other night because I wanted a nice clean wrinkle-free sleeping experience, and Kitty Purry came right over to my side of the freshly made bed and peed on it.  Because apparently that’s where that goes. So we did a full strip down once again, including comforter, and changed the bed within a matter of two minutes.

Yes, Kitty Purry still gets to live here. No, we didn’t kill her.  I mean, what are we supposed to do, actually. Everyone has an opinion that they’d kick her outside, etc. but I don’t think killing a cat is the answer. Apparently her needs were not being met in some fashion. I really wish she’d learn to leave a little note somewhere, though, instead of her peeing on the bed calling card. On MY side of the bed – let me clarify that point. She only ever pees on me directly, or on my side of the bed. I’m the lucky one.

So that is about it.

I fell.

The cat peed on the bed.

I’m an awful painter.

And some other things happened, too, but we’re not going to get into all that here. Let’s just say it was a week of turbulence but we are going to move forward, hopefully not falling too hard along the way, and trying to badass the hell out of life, because really that IS the only choice.

Keep moving.

Get up when you fall.

Cry a little bit.

But keep moving forward.

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