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The Bang Bang Theories

Right in the Kisser

Oh, hey there, hi! I’m finally recovering from frosting overdose. In fact, I’m recovering from several things, in particular I’m recovering from my October Loss of Appetite from that time I got bitten by that mean and bitey spider and was sick from antibiotics for nearly a month and thought  to myself, Hey! maybe this is a great start to my skinny era!   Whew.  You thought you’d never recover from that sentence, huh.

Well. Let me say, back in October I really thought I was becoming a very small-meal eater. I would eat two little bites and either be queasy or full. I truly thought, “This is it! I’m going to be just like the folks on My 600 lb Life and finally start my road to weight-loss success!”  Yes, I’ve been watching a lot of My 600 lb. Life. And see far too many similarities, if we’re being honest here. I mean, some of them exercise MORE than me! And then I find that some of my so-called exercising is surprisingly similar to the workouts they do, meaning lifting my leg in bed while I watch t.v. and calling that a workout. And an upper-body lunge when I reach for the remote. So yeah, I think it’s time for me to step it up a bit.

But back to the appetite.

It’s back, Reader. With a vengeance, to try to make up for it’s lost month of meals. I mean, I’m hungry. Not like Ethiopia-Hungry, but  I feel a slight emptiness sometimes and do my best to fill it up. Tonight I had dinner, albeit a small something of leftovers from lunch, but then I had a bowl of cereal around 10 pm., and then a cookie, and a piece of pumpkin cake I made last week, and I would have had more but that was about all we had in the house.  Thank goodness we’re short on groceries.

And now it’s 2:27 a.m., and I’d have another snackie but there’s nothing. Because we’re leaving for another boat ride in the morning, Reader.  One of my postponed trips from October, we were able to salvage the money as long as we went this year, so in the morning I’m heading to Florida and then getting on a big ol’ ship. Again.  I am not swimsuit ready. In any way.  But I’m getting in one anyway and am going to dip my self cautiously in Ocean waters.

I say cautiously because I still have a small open wound on my footsy, which is also disappointing because come on, that was a long time ago already.  It’s going at it’s own pace, much like my workout routine. I purchased a cast cover for my boo boo, which the nurse just told me about last week. That info could have come in handy when I was wrapping my foot up in a trash bag.

So anyway. I just wanted to say hi.  And bye. Don’t try to burgle me, Bad Guys, there’s a very non-putting-up-with-any-bullshit cat uncle who will be keeping an eye on the clowder. So keep off the grass.

I’ve still got a few more things to throw in my bag, At 2:30 a.m.  I go at my own pace with packing, too. We’ll chat more when I get back. If I don’t get thrown overboard for eating an entire cruise ship out of food.


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