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The Bang Bang Theories

Make A Liar Outta Me

In other, even less important news, you know how on my sidebar I have a shortish list of some of my favorite things, and Salted Caramel Everything is on that list?

Well, Reader, I’ve found the product that makes a liar outta me.



It seemed like a can’t-miss.

I love flavored coffee creamers.

I love salted caramel flavors.

The picture looks pretty.

It proclaims to be “bliss.”

Well, that’s a trickster lie.

The first time I tried it, I wasn’t sure if it was my coffee itself, or my tastebuds. I didn’t want to even think to blame a creamer with that name.

Day two, and I took two sips of coffee once again and determined “blech!” and the thought of, “Hmmm, maybe it’s this new coffee creamer??? It’s the only thing that’s changed!”

But ever-optimistic Bang Bang gave it a third try, and by Day 3, she wisely tasted her coffee at home before committing it all the way as her to-go-for-the-morning-commute cup, and promptly pitched it out, in a big flurry of demonstration and the proclamation, “This coffee creamer is soooo bad, it’s undrinkable!!”

And made a fresh cuppa coffee where she deferred her creamer to 2% milk, which is frankly not her favorite way to start a morning taste in her mouth, but it was the lesser of the three evils. Evil Numbers one and two being Natural Bliss Salted Carmel Creamer or No Coffee At All, which had been the option after the initial swigs on days 1 & 2.

Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on you harder. Fool me three workdays in a row with a yucky taste in my mouth, well, this girl learns, Baby.

So spill it, Reader. What’s the worst thing you’ve had in your mouth lately? Luckily, there are no censors here, so feel free to share whatever you’d like. We may judge you, but we will approve it. And you may or may not win a prize if the judge (Trixie Bang Bang) finds it prize-worthy.

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