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The Bang Bang Theories

Got Milk?

We had a baby today, Reader. By “we” I mean someone else’s vagina and my heart.  The way it should be, because let’s face facts, I’ve always been a sleeper. Sometimes after a hard day, looking at my bed can make me as happy as looking at this face.  Like in about 15 minutes. 
I have a rather small family, so any time another member is added is a good day.  Great-Auntie Trixie Bang Bang is excited to have you here, and only wishes she was where you are right now. I’d like to smooch that face, but alas he is out of state on an Air Force base. 
Instead I’m eating sopapilla cheesecake, hot out of the oven, and it’s a bowl of cinnamony goodness.  
After our little boy was born I asked the Mama what else she still needed. So I ordered it on Amazon, because it’ll be there in 2 days.  I was recounting the story that I had just bought Mama a “milker thing.”  So yeah. A milker thing, said the Childless Aunt.
The milker thing was almost $300 for a decent one, which just felt wrong, but in the name of boobies and babies, I bought it. I mean, that’s a plane ticket, which is much more fun to have than a milker, as long as it’s going some place exciting and not to someplace where you’d be getting milked against your will, like maybe Tijuana. I image all sorts of bad things happening there, with donkeys and such. 
That’s the Tuesday Night news. Welcome to the world, Little Fella. 
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