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The Bang Bang Theories

Super Duper.

“Hi, Reader,” says NoseyDot Me, not to be confused with Nosey Dot the Cat.

Nosey Dot the Cat                                                 

NoseyDot Me

It wanted to say hi before it completely disappears, which I am happy to report is finally on it’s way outta town. I can’t say I’m gonna miss my little friend, either. 

In other news, I’m really rather surprised at myself for putting no-make-up-faced, recently-outta-bed me on the internets for all the world to make fun of and create mean memes with, should someone so desire. I guess enough bra-less trips to Walmart helped me lose my inhibitions.  

Plus, I’m not so vain that I think anyone gives enough of a shit about my appearance to be gawking over it.  If anything, you can take pride that your complexion is more even, eyebrows are darker, cheekbones are more defined, blah blah blah, and so I’m really an inspiration. 

I may be on the docket for sainthood with enough naked-faced photos. Is that how sainthood works?

I think it also has something to do with miracles, and I should be given credit for several.

  1. The fortitude to sleep twelve hours and still go back to bed at a reasonable hour the same night!
  2. A natural immunity to every different type of cat furs, evidenced by the ability to bury my face in a multitude of different cat furs and not sneeze!
  3. The power to eat cake for breakfast, and then eat cake after dinner the same day!
In retrospect, these probably aren’t miracles as much as they are superpowers so basically I’m a Superhero. 

Marvel, I’m ready for my movie. And my costume. And you can even give my NoseyDots a role, both the cat and the pimple. This script is practically writing itself. In my head. 
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