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The Bang Bang Theories


Hey, Reader! I have failed on my mission to find a method to writing more often.  Obvi.  

The winter is hard on Trixie Bang Bang! It’s pajama-time at 6 p.m., because it’s dark outside.  And the cats agree, and don’t have to be convinced it’s bedtime at 6:45 p.m. 

It’s not that I lack things to say. Oh, nosirree, that is not the case at all. You have missed so much! But trust me, nothing that would change your life. Like for instance, we are trying out a new cat litter pan here.  It was just installed tonight, so I don’t have a read on it’s success or lack thereof yet, but I did come home and one of my little assholes had pooped on the kitchen floor, so really? Anywhere has to be up from here, ammiright?! 

So that’s one of the most recent things you’re missing out on by my not oversharing with you, Dear Reader.  

Something else? I went to Walmart tonight, to purchase said litter box and a few various other things and did not wear a bra.  Again. With a  white clingy long-sleeved t-shirt. So yeah, that happened.  I’m just not into bras on the weekend. I hate-hate-hate slipping them on and don’t do it whenever I can get away with not, which is pretty much any trip to Walmart. But to not end up on a people-of-walmart post, I did wear a zip-up vest/coat thing.  

What else….hm…I had so MUCH I wanted to say, but really can’t think of any of it at the moment. So since it’s after midnight, it’s time for more bed for me, and maybe tomorrow I’ll think of the really important stuff.  

Consider this your teaser.  I’m not always one to put out all the way. Usually. But it’s not a guarantee. I’m a lady of mystery, remember? 

*which part of that made you laugh harder, the “lady” reference, or the “mystery” part?? Because whew, we both know that’s not really true. 

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