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Could Probably Use More Filter. Maybe.

Hey, where did I go again? I had really planned on being here more for you, Reader, but I forgot this is my super-duper-busy time of the year for work and I’m on the computer hours and hours and hours and hours every darn day gearing up for all the holiday buying madness, to which I am a contributor.


I don’t like to participate in the buying frenzy, but I am a paid member of society to contribute to it.  Although I am proud that we opted out for Black Friday madness, because #AllFriday’sMatter. But I still had to write emails and stuff.

Which brings up this point, can you even believe they let me write emails and stuff? I mean, can I be trusted, Reader?

Apparently, they don’t read this blog. I keep it squashed from my employer and co-workers, as it should be.

My boss, who’s also the CEO, told me that very little I say shocks or surprises him anymore. AND I’VE ONLY BEEN THERE 4 MONTHS. AND HE DOESN’T EVEN READ THIS!! So can you image?

I mean, I’ve been on New Job Filter at work, for the most part, although the other day I did say the word “tits” out loud (it was germane to the conversation, if you can believe that). And I may have said something along the lines of, “I’d like more ram,” when they were talking about adding RAM to our computers or something. And I said it all quiet-like, but with some emphasis on the ram. So yeah, my New Job Filter is ON. And the other day I told them that the question in my brain has been, “why is poop brown, and not some other color?  We eat a lot of different colored foods, but it all comes down to brown.” 

Like I said, work filter ON. 

So that’s my day. I’ve got to go shower up, with the works (legs shaved), I’ve got my first bar mitzvah to attend this afternoon. For my bosses son, aka the CEO’s son. 

So yeah. Add vodka to this mix and who knows if I’ll get fired or promoted by Monday. Because I’m creative, Reader. Especially with drink. 

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